The primary variable in organizational output is leadership. In small teams, in medium companies, in massive conglomerates, leadership skill and capability determines the outcome. When two teams compete, the one with the better leadership usually wins.

Leadership can be taught. It is acquirable. It can change lives and organizations. Better leadership wins.
— Admiral Robert O. Wray, Jr. (Ret.)

Admiral Rob Wray (US Navy retired) has lived it, in peace and war, in business, in the community, and in the military, from tiny teams to huge organizations with tens of thousands of people. He’s studied it, he’s written about it.

And now he speaks to pass on the lessons he’s learned. But for only one reason: to improve organizational effectiveness, to make teams better, to help organizations get more of whatever they want.

Why Admiral Wray?

  • Retired two-star Navy Admiral.
  • 40 years of leadership experience: business, community, military.
  • Led groups from 5 to 10,000, in peace and war, at sea, ashore.
  • Literally “wrote the book” (SaltWater Leadership) being used to teach leadership to young officers.
  • Graduate degree in leadership from Georgetown University’s school of business.
  • Adjunct Professor of Leadership at the Department of Defense’s Medical School at the Walter Reed National Medical Center at Bethesda.
  • Has provided hundreds of talks on leadership to business, community, academic, and military groups.
  • 100% moneyback guarantee of satisfaction. If your group isn’t delighted, you don’t pay.