Admiral Wray is an expert on leadership, and has found that five particular talks provide the greatest effect in organizational change:

Get Your 20%!

Better leadership of any team or organization can get you 20% more of what you want, or 20% less of what you don’t want.   A step-by-step program with guaranteed results.

7 Leadership Lessons from Baghdad

Change, strategy, leading teams, adverse conditions.   Here are the 7 bedrock lessons in leading teams to achieve your desired mission.  Absolutely applicable in your business situation.

11 Tactical Steps to Strategy

Strategic planning and execution is way harder than writing up a big fancy document.  This talk reviews the 11 major tactical steps required to win at strategic execution and get the results you want.

Look to your Left!

Taking your team or organization through change?  There are 6 discrete steps you must process through, or you won’t get to your destination.

The Cloth of Our Country

This is a brief, introspective keynote speech, typically delivered after dinner, for audiences who want to consider American leadership in the world.  It is delivered by one who spent 36 years in uniform, wearing the US flag in 46 different countries, and who has 14 family members who have worn the uniform over the past 50 years.  Not a business lecture.  Often results in tears and standing ovations.  One listener wrote:  “You made us all feel proud to be American once again.”

The Four Essentials of Leadership - White paper

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40 Years of Management advice in 10 Steps on one page - sheet

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Admiral Wray’s keynote exceeded expectations. We had extremely positive feedback from our clients, saying it was the best client event so far (and we’ve been in business for over 30 years). Flawless delivery, data, and expertise. Standing ovation.
— Amy Jones, Petso Financial