"Salt Water Leadership," May 2013, Naval Institute Press

A primer on leadership for the young officer in the sea services, including the Navy, the Coast Guard, and the Merchant Marine. The book combines survey results from senior officers in the sea services, as well as sea stories and leadership lessons from those same officers. All material is written for the young officer in his or her first few years at sea on a ship. It is mandatory issued reading for all Navy ROTC units across the country. 

"Getting the Job You Want: A Five-Finger, Five-Week Guide to the Best Job of Your Life," December 2009, Five Finger Publishing

"Getting the Job You Want" provides no-nonsense lessons which help readers determine what they want in a job, and how they can find it. It includes plenty of simple, pithy advice which is often contrary to the typical rote method of finding a job. The book is sold with a video DVD and an audio CD, as well as worksheets and posters, all in a single "how to" package. 

Book Contributions

Chapter: “Profiles in Patriotic Leadership,” September 2012, Fortis Publishing

This book, written by Greg Slavonic, is comprised of ten chapters, each provided by a different contributor.  Rob wrote chapter 8, entitled “Everything Happens Because of Leadership.” 



“The Utility of a Three-Tiered Navy,”  June 2013, US Naval Institute Proceedings

In response to the President's desire for the Department of Defense to find innovative ways to do more with less, this article proposes a new construct of a naval force structure to maximize overseas presence, reduce total cost, and improve warfighting reserve capability. Recognized by the Naval Institute as one of the three best articles of the year. 

“Baghdad: Help Wanted,” January 2005, US Naval Institute Proceedings

An article written after returning from Iraq in November of 2004.  It described how the Navy wasn’t filling its assigned billets in Iraq, and urged Navy leadership to step up to support joint manning documents and emergent in-country requirements, even if they didn’t fit the normal Navy mold. 

“Integrate Your Reserves: A How-to Primer,” December 2003, US Naval Institute Proceedings

This article was written to help the active-duty Navy understand how the Navy Reserve is structured, and how it can best be employed by any given command.  It provided an overview of the Reserve Force, a summary of Reserve command and administrative structures, and 27 specific tasks for flag officers, commanding officers, and chief staff officers to take to better employ their reserve component.

“19 Lessons from a Promotion Board,”  June 2006 Naval Reserve Association News

This article provides 19 lessons—9 for those appearing in front of the board, and 10 for those reporting seniors writing fitreps on those before the board—based on what we learned from the spring 2006 LCDR-to-CDR selection board.

“A Blueprint for a Regional Professional Development Program,” May 2004, Naval Reserve Association News

This article described a multi-faceted officer and enlisted professional development program which could be implemented by reserve centers and regional staffs.  It was modeled on the professional development program we were instituting in Navy Reserve Readiness Command Northeast.

Why Do We Have INSURV?" Summer 2013, Naval Engineering Journal

This paper provides an overview of the history of the Navy's Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV), it's mission and accomplishments, as well as a perspective on its potential in the future from a former President of the organization.


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